London, Easter 2016

A week away in London, a week of minor stressful moments, but overwhelmingly a week of reaffirming and making friendships, growing closer as sisters, and taking the time to see things normally missed in a long weekend away. This week has been amazing.

My body has mostly behaved in regards to pain levels, I randomly met a hero from my teen years, I saw people I love dearly, JDV and I learnt that squabbles just make us closer… we randomly met up with mutual old friends, we bumped into one of my oldest friends… It’s been a serendipitous trip. 
I’ll miss you London as we head back up North. I won’t miss the crowds and the chaos but I’ll look back on this trip with fondness and smile at the good that it has brought along the way. 

We visited St Paul’s Cathedral for Easter Evensong and in doing so paid tribute to Grandad. I said a few silent prayers for those who have helped me along the way through life. We’ve seen the cheaper side of so many Starbucks and walked over 50km. There have been overload moments but not a full meltdown. We saw an exhibition at The Tate Britain on Art and Alcohol that moved us deeply, walked along the Southbank and over Tower Bridge. It’s been a good break.

I’m looking forward to seeing my rodents again and sleeping in my own bed, but I’m sad to say goodbye to the memories of this week. We’ve had some extremely special moments not recorded on camera, but etched in our minds forever.

To those involved in those moments, you know who you are. Thank you for being a part of this journey we call life.

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