2015 -ups, downs, and hope for the future

2015 has given me family time that was much wanted and needed. It has given me a new job, allowed me to escape from a crushing and crumbling workplace. I saw people I love dearly, and finished writing a screenplay, and published my first ebook. 

My darling AH has started on a path that will change the course of both of our lives in the next 12 to 18 months. I’ve lost furbabies but gained my precious Londo, who as I write this is sound asleep in his bed. 

My mental health has improved. I still suffer the PTSD flashbacks but they are less frequent, as are the nightmares. I’m on a regime of medication and self-care that seems to be working for me.

These are the things I choose to carry with me as I head into 2016. There has been pain, both physical and emotional, but the good that has been is what I take with me. 

To all who read my little blog, thank you for riding through this year with me, I hope 2016 will see us share many more adventures together. And just because, have a photo of my newest furbaby, Londo Mollari:


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