Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Today will always be a hard one to get through for those of us not on the gender binary. We are reminded of those like us who have been lost to violence (physical and emotional) that has come from a society that just doesn’t understand that gender is emotional/psychological and sex is physical.

Whether FTM, MTF, genderqueer,genderfluid, androgyne, agender, or whatever other label is there, people do not understand what it is like to be one of us, to live in a world where we are constantly told to ‘get over’ our identities and conform. And woah betide us for trying to be our authentic selves. 

Here’s the thing though… I don’t understand the struggle of so many other minoroties, not from first hand experience, but I know they exist and I acknowledge them. I don’t belittle or try to derail them and I certainly don’t and never would think of violence towards them. So why do so many people threaten and commit acts of violence towards one part of my tribe?

Don’t tell me its because they fear the unknown. I have a lot of unknowns in my life. But they don’t make me violent. And please save your theological rhetoric about going against whichever Deity’s plan for us. Being Trans* is NOT a disease, it’s not a sin, it’s not a temptation to overcome. It. Just. Is. 

Is it really that hard to live alongside us? To work with us? To share the same restroom as us? Is it so very hard to just say ‘I don’t know your struggle but I won’t judge?’ Do we really need another year where Transgender people are killed for just being who we are?

In remembrance of:

Vicky Thompson, Tamara Dominguez, Elisha Walker, Kandis Capri, Amber MonRoe, Shade Schuler, K. C. Haggard, India Clarke, Ashton O’Hara, Merceds Williamson, London Kiki Chanel, Mya Shawatza Hall, Keyshia Blige, Kristina Gomez Reinwald, Brian Golec, Penny Proud, Taja Gabrielle de Jesus, and all the others who have lost their lives needlessly because of their gender identity 

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