Dear Mum of two boys on my bus tonight

I saw the strained look as you wrangled your boys. The tiredness that tinged your smile as I smiled at you. I saw your eyes question if I know what it’s like to have special needs kids. I saw the look of fear as your youngest went into meltdown and you tried to deal with that and your older son. I saw the relief as I engaged the older one in conversation to save you trying to be in two places at once. 

You are doing a fabulous job. You are amazing. Your eldest introduced himself as W. He told me that R, his brother, has Autism and that he loves his brother but it can be hard sometimes. I told W that I too have a form of Autism and my dark glasses, are for something called Irln Syndrome and they stop the bright lights on the bus from causing me to have a meltdown. 

You thanked me for the ten minutes I gave you to calm R as we got off the bus. Please take it from an Aspie adult, you are doing an amazing job. W is polite and courteous and clearly loves his Mum and R’s meltdown wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’ve had worse myself. Seeing you playing with him as he calmed warmed my heart. One day that smart little man and his big brother will thank you for the care you’ve given them. You are part of the Wonder Woman tribe of unsung heroes. 

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