On my childhood best friend’s 35th birthday…

My darling Dizzy Frizzy Blonde, we’ve known each other over half our lives, scary thought, isn’t it? Mum always said you’d be my Linda (her childhood BFF) and she was right. We can go long periods without talking, but we always pick up exactly where we left off, and it feels like no time has passed. We’re in our 30s and ‘responsible adults’ now, but given half the chance, we’d still skip down King Street, hand in hand, singing Disney songs like we did all those years ago.

Long before I knew I was gay, I think you knew. And a part of me thinks you knew (but have never said you did), that you were my first love.  It was an innocent love, a childhood crush, but it never created an awkwardness between us. We’ve never spoken about it, but then, we never needed to. You’ve always accepted me just as I am, warts and all, and your love has always been unconditional.

Looking back, I think you saw a lot more of what went on behind my family’s closed doors than I thought you did at the time. But you’ve never pushed me to talk about it. You’ve just always been there with open arms and extra hugs when I needed them. Our teenage friendship whilst so innocent had a level of maturity to it. We never doubted that we would always be there for each other and I don’t doubt that to this day. 

In some respects we appear to be chalk and cheese. You have an inherent femininity and I defy gender boundaries. I was always the brash one whilst you have always been more demure. But we share so much more than that, we are so alike, that I don’t think we could have ever been anything other than friends.

You have always been more than my BFF, more than my sister from another mister, you are a part of me, and I love you so very dearly. 

Happy Birthday my darling Dizzy Frizzy Blonde! May this year bring you love, joy and happiness! And endless conversations for us both!

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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