Kosmos – an exciting web series

Back at Sci-Fi Scarborough 2015, we were treated to a panel with Virginia Hey, Terry Molloy and Jon Campling for an upcoming web series called Kosmos. The panel was funny and intelligent and full of witty banter (and smutty banter) but all we heard about the show was it was set in a hospital. That was it. We were given nothing else. And it was clear the actors wanted to tell us more, that they were excited about this project but weren’t allowed to tell us. Of course that left me extremely intrigued.

This series is different. It’s completely free, but in order for the next ep to be released 5000 views per ep is needed. It means we never know when we will get more. It can be frustrating waiting but the excitement when I get an email in my inbox telling me the next ep is up is something else.

The show has a stellar cast and Si Horrocks’ brain child is just breathtaking. It’s creepy, confusing, challenging, all the things you want from horror without it being over the top. The science fiction element of the show is exceptionally well integrated. For those of you reading this who are Farscape fans, be prepared for wanting to smack Virginia Hey and then run from her. We are only three episodes in and she has blown me away.

You’ll notice that I’m not giving away the story… That’s because I can’t. No seriously, I. Can’t. It’s complexity is insane and I don’t think anyone watching fully knows what’s going on, but that’s the beauty of this show. I’m sitting here desperately waiting for episode 4 and I can’t wait to see where this show goes next. I want to know if any of my thoughts on the storyline (see my Twitter feed) will be confirmed.

Head over to the website and see for yourself. Watch all three episodes and help unlock the fourth. This is television like we’ve never seen it before….

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