Tello films…. More than just Lesbian TV

If you read my blog you know that I am a fan of Tello shows. I have a major love affair with Nikki and Nora, a viewing mistress in Hashtag Series, a bit on the side with Plus One and so many other love trysts with their shows.

But despite the above descriptions, it’s not just the shows that keep me coming back for more, it’s the family feel that comes with being a tello subscriber (and I’m proud to be a tello gold star). 

The beauty of this indie company is that they get their audience and the variations within it. And they nurture the talents within that audience too, encouraging us to spread our wings.

Tello give us amazingly written shows, fantastic actors, beautiful cinematography, and a feeling of being part of something special. Watching Netflix can give you interesting shows (I won’t deny I spend a lot of time watching Netflix), but tello gives you an extra something. A real sense of community.

I will time and again recommend that my fellow lesbians sign up and watch the shows they have to offer. Why not join in the live tweets as well to see why I’m head over heels for this indie web company?

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