Galacticon Day 3

Another early morning, another desperate cry for caffeine and a Starbucks sandwich. The final day of con. Im still not about to deny the annoyance that the lack of attendance this con has brought with it is still there, but I’m going to make lemonade from the lemons I was given!

I got autographs yesterday from people I’ve wanted to meet for an insanely long time. Particularly in the case of Gigi Edgley. And I wasn’t disappointed by meeting her. She’s sweet, vibrant, genuine, and enthusiastic.

After many conversations with Luciana Carro over Twitter, meeting her was a definite highlight. She’s a petite ball of energy who is even more beautiful than on TV or in pics. This lady walked into my life with BSG and is one I’ll continue to see in shows for a very long time.

Manu Intriyami is such a sweet guy and so happy to talk. Definitely worth a visit if you’re at the con. With meeting him I only have two of the Voyager regulars left to meet and that excites me. I’m another step closer to a complete collection.

Dinner last night was a wonderful time away from the con with women I love and respect. The conversation was good, the laughs were flowing like the never ending iced tea that kept appearing in my glass, but most of all, I got to enjoy a sunset meal on the patio with them.

Who knows what today will bring? All I know is that despite a general feeling of disappointment, there have been some amazing moments that have made this con special. It’s a trip that will remain with me for a very long time.


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