As birthdays go….

Today’s has been a really good one. Exceptionally good. I had a date with my favourite person (Kidlet). We went into Leeds for lunch and had vegan pancakes with banana and blueberries at my favourite cafe – Global Tribe. We went to Forbidden Planet and I spent birthday money on a pop vinyl and a Wonder Woman mug. Then Starbucks and rocky road and frappes for my birthday sweet treat, followed by an awesome dinner cooked by LR and good company.

I had another donation added to the Hair Today Gone Tomorrow fundraiser. My hair will be going whether I reach the target or not, but I’d love to get it up there. If you want to find out more and/or donate please go to

I’m going to go curl up with a phone call with my sis, Fringe on TV and grin like a Cheshire cat at the fact I woke up to emails from Momma and Manda, both of which made me feel loved (even if I did sleep through my alarm).

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