To shave or not to shave my head… that is the (charity fundraising) question

OK guys serious fundraising questions and yes this is me, you know, the one who will completely and utterly do anything for a cause that means something too me. (I’ve given up caffeine twice remember?)

Some of you know I’m growing my hair with the plan to cut it to raise funds for C Three Europe and C3 Foundation (with a 50/50 split between the two). But I was thinking I might go one step further and if a certain amount of money is raised, shave the whole lot off.

Now my questions to you all:

1) If I do go down the road of up to one point = cut off the ‘Ivanova’ braid and beyond that = full shave, what should the border point be?

2) Mainly because I want to know if I’m not being stupid by growing my hair in the first place, would you be willing to donate if I did this?

3) I want to put the money in a central pot and then divide between the two…. should I use a crowd funding site and if so which one do you recommend?

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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