For God Tells Me So….

I’ve been sat this morning watching a documentary on Netflix called “For God Tells Me So.” It’s about the division within American Christianity regarding the LGBTQ community. There are families who have changed their view because their child came out, a mother who lost her child because she didn’t accept her, and a family who still doesn’t accept their daughter’s partner being anything other than a friend.

I watch these documentaries as a bi-romantic genderqueer lesbian because I want to know the people with homophobia and transphobia , I want to know they can change. It’s a compulsion for me as the child of a homophobic and transphobic man. I need to know that there are birth parents out there whose love has overpowered their religious dogma and found peace with the sexuality of their child and reconciled it with their faith.

I am fortunate in that I have found my adoptive Momma. She has accepted me for all the things that I am. She loves me for me, gender, sexuality, disability, everything. I do, however, still find a part of me longing for that biological affirmation of who I am. It’s something I know that I will never have from my birth father, but I pray that my Mum is watching over me and is proud to have a child who is out and proud and in a loving relationship.

I choose to believe that Mum, together with God, brought Momma into my life so that I would know the unconditional love I have always craved. The love and acceptance that every child should have from their parents. God given love.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

2 thoughts on “For God Tells Me So….

    1. It’s a good documentary in that it gives a broader perspective 🙂

      Thank you, I am too. Can’t wait to see her soon


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