Something I’ve always wanted…

For a long time I felt cheated out of the kind of relationship I saw between my friends and their mothers. The way they could tell them anything, the way their mothers looked after them, rather than the other way round. The conversations that they were able to have.

That’s not to say that I didn’t love Mum, I did and still do, but we started reaching the turning point of friendship just before she died. We never got to the stage where we were comfortable discussing things that others could. And it stung. 

But now… Now I have Momma. That very relationship is blossoming. I can tell her anything, I can discuss things I only dreamt of discussing with Mum. Perhaps it’s because we started as friends, but I doubt that. We very much have a mother/daughter relationship regardless of DNA and distance.

Today I’ve realised something, there is no barrier in what I can confide in Momma. There’s no question of whether I should or shouldn’t tell her whatever is on my mind. And for two people who find it hard to open up completely, I think we are doing a fantastic job.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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