It’s on days like today where I look at the way life changes. Perhaps I’ve been in my own head a little too much lately. Something I haven’t been able to avoid. I look at what’s been happening the world over and I try to remember that despite my PTSD and anxiety, I am better off than most. 

The problem is that today, even as I count my blessings, that niggling voice of my anxiety is louder than my own. It tells me that everything good in my life will disappear and that I’ll be alone again. It’s looking at the good that’s come into my life in the past twelve months and telling me that it’s all temporary. I’m trying to fight it off. I’m remembering a conversation with Momma and therefore not going to do what I am sorely tempted to.

I know that this is all because I’m physically in a bad place today. The sudden lower temperature is making my knees and my hip play up and I have an annoying niggling headache. I just have to take today as a bad one overall and try again tomorrow.

Published by scribblenubbin

A conundrum inside an enigma.

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