Spirituality when faced with anxiety

One of the things that gets pushed to the back of my mind when I’m anxious is spirituality. I’m generally a quite spiritual person but when my anxiety has been as it is lately it gets pushed to the side by the all consuming darkness. 

Momma reminded me recently of the power of prayer, mantras, and meditation and so I’ve been making the effort. She’s given me a mantra and a prayer to use and I’m using meditation podcasts as well. I’m not feeling instantly better but I find that they, combined with my daily walks are helping alleviate some of the anxiety and give me focus.

I’ve also added my own prayer of gratitude to my prayer routine. I thank Spirit for the good people in my life, Momma included. It helps to remind me that I’m not on my own. That I have support and that despite the black cloud of anxiety that currently permeates through me, I have the support and love to help get me through. 

I’m taking each day a step at a time and working on a daily project also seems to help. Today’s project is for someone very special and will remain a secret. Tomorrow I may start digitising (read taking photos of) the photos in the many albums I have. Looking through them recently has reminded me of good times. Like this one of my nephew and my brother:

I’m sending love and light to all of those out there dealing with anxiety. Whether PTSD related like mine or otherwise. It can be hard to get out of bed on a morning for people like us, and harder still to face the day. Sometimes it’s best to live day by day and sometimes moment by moment. But either way, please know that you are not alone.

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