Thoughts on Momma

I’ve posted a lot about Momma recently. But this is part of me processing things. Part of me allowing myself to accept and understand the emotions I have and she has encouraged me to write out my feelings so here I am again.

This weekend didn’t go as planned but even so there are things that I am taking away from it that will stay with me forever. Things that until Saturday I didn’t fully realise, perhaps because a part of me was still prepared for this new relationship to crumble and be taken away from me as so many relationships have.

Momma loves me. Unreservedly loves me. My beautiful, half deaf, Amazonian Momma loves me. The reality of that sinking in was more profound than I expected. 

I am her child. She sees me as hers. Together with my sisters, we are a family. She has now adopted them too and we are truly a multi-national family. 

Momma is more beautiful than I ever realised. And I don’t just mean her looks. I already knew that she was beautiful inside and out but that and my love for her have only been magnified this weekend.

I have a mother. A living breathing mother and the chance at a real parent/child relationship. 

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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