Hashtag Series is BACK! Season 2 kicked off today in spectacular fashion

At the end of Hashtag season 1, I will admit I had become fond of the characters, ok, a little more than fond. It started off as a show I wasn’t sure of, but the adorable Gustopher and the very attractive cast drew me to keep watching (what can I say, I’m shallow, give me puppies and attractive women and I’m happy). What kept me watching though was the relationships between characters and the scripts (ok, Gustopher and the attractiveness of the cast as well). And in such a very short period of time, as is the way with webseries, it was over. Far too soon for my liking.

Consequently I’ve been counting down the days ever since the air date for season 2 was announced. Tonight was not a disappointment.


We left the first season with Skylar’s little secret having been discovered. A very pissed off Miriam and Liv confronted her with the picture message that Rose had sent her. Now, as much as I should blame Rose for her part in this, I just can’t. Even though she’s Liv’s ex and she basically broke up a relationship (which in fairness was a train wreck anyway), there’s just something about her I love. But Skylar on the other hand…. flirting with your best friend’s ex, kissing said ex, and all whilst being in a relationship with a shy but sweet girl who loved her? I hold her completely culpable. Even if that kiss was hot as hell.

Liv’s dates with Heather had ended thanks to guess who? You’ve got it right, Skylar. Although things with Tash were going well and she was still flirting with Marlee’s Mom. Whom we have yet to meet. Skylar had basically destroyed all of her relationships by the end of the first series, and to be honest, I had no pity for her. Yes that’s harsh, and on reflection, I can see that that girl is in some serious need of therapy, she’s also the younger one on maturity levels, but she had a good thing at home and a good friendship and she ruined it by thinking with something other than her brain.

Season 2 starts with Skylar (Caitlin Bergh) literally sat on the slag heap (see the British noun a hill or area of refuse from a mine or industrial site.). She’s been kicked out by Miriam (applauds Miriam) and still flirting with Rose (Kate Black Spence). You read that right. She. Is. Still. Flirting. With. Rose. That’s what got her in this mess in the first place. Liv (Laura Zak) and Tash (Marnie Alton) are all cosy at Tash’s apartment and they are far too adorable together. I sense more than a little jealousy from Tash over Marlee’s Mom, and I’m praying that Liv doesn’t allow this illusive Instagram stalker to break her and Tash up.  Also the make out session between Liv and Tash is just beyond hot.

The script is sharp, the acting is amazing, (Skylar’s singing is not), the cinematography is tight and perfection. To be honest, I don’t have a bad word to say about the start of this new season. Caitlin Bergh and Laura Zak have outdone themselves with the script and I’m looking forward to seeing the transition to Skylar using Vine to get her comedy out. I’m also looking forward to meeting Marlee’s Mom, even if I’m scared of what that will mean for Liv and Tash. And I loved seeing Rose back on the show. I missed Miriam, but it was good to see that she seems to have found some happiness. And yes, tying that up was nicely done, Laura and Caitlin.  Tello have an amazing show on their hands and I’m sitting here, eagerly waiting for next week’s new episode and live tweet.

If you haven’t signed up to tello yet, what are you waiting for? It’s not expensive and for the amount of good lesbian content you get it’s completely worth it!

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