2014 – this year’s summary

This year has been memorable for several reasons. Some global, some not. There have been definitive landmarks for me and I know that some of them have paved the way for 2015. I’ll try to keep this concise, I’ll fail. Because this year has had a lot of different intertwining moments. So in no particular order, here is my 2014

  • The world said goodbye to Fred Phelps Sr. – on a global scale, people watched and waited to see what would happen to the WBC after his passing. The truth is they have remained pretty much the same. Personally, it taught me a lot about where I have come on the path of forgiveness. I still hope that in death, Fred saw the error of his ways. And I still hope that those who lost him have been able to, in part, come to terms with their loss.
  • We said goodbye to a personal favourite of mine, Bob Hoskins. I grew up watching him and I intend to fit in one more watch of Hook and Junior before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st.
  • I gave up caffeine again for Sanctuary for Kids. This time I did it for two weeks, that’s 336 hours, or 20,160 minutes, or 1,,209,600 seconds without a caffeinated beverage or chocolate. I learnt a lot about my own patience during that time and despite certain people trying to persuade me otherwise, I realised that it I will never try to out do those two weeks.. Several people very nearly ended up dead because of the torture I was going through.
  • Thanks to WP and MC I fell back into Claudia Christian’s fandom in a big way and I can’t thank the girls enough for this. Claudia had a profound impact on me in my adolescence, along with Andrea Thompson. And finding myself back in her fandom this year has provided comfort, strength and inspiration. It led to starting 3 Cheeky Chimps with JDV and SD and raising awarness (and next year funds) for the C3 Foundation.
  • I met DL and WR. Let me explain several things here. I met DL by complete and utter accident. A random overheard conversation at a convention and my mouth running away with me, led to making friends with one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever met. And that in turn led me to meet his business partner and friend, WR, who I can also say is now a very dear friend (and just as awesome).
  • JDV and I have become closer. This year has given me a sisterly bond that I have no doubt I’ll keep for life. We’ve been through so much together and when I get to squish her for the first time in April, I’m not going to want to let go. There will be much goofing to be had.
  • There have been personal losses that I won’t go into, but they have taught me how to keep going when I thought I was at the end of my strength.
  • I met Amanda Tapping again, exactly five years after the first weekend I met her. This to me is a big thing. Because it marks the length of time that this chapter of my life has been going, and also may be ending before moving into the next one. Amanda has been an inspiration in my life since the age of thirteen. That’s eighteen and a half years she has been a constant in my world. Eighteen and a half years I’m not sure I would have made it through otherwise.
  • I took a huge leap with my writing and submitted a piece I never expected to write. If it doesn’t get accepted, that’s ok. In taking the step, I found courage I didn’t know was in me. I discussed it with Kitty Swink before it was even finished (in person) and found encouragement I never expected from her. In fact she tweeted me every day until I’d finished it and then encouraged me to submit it. I gave it to someone else for fact checking before submitting it – just asking them to do it was a huge step in itself for me. And then I bit the bullet and took that final step. If it doesn’t get accepted, at this point, I’m ok with that. I’ve already gotten good notes and feedback and that, as a newbie venturing out into the public realm, outside of fanfic and blogging, is amazing.
  • I’ve fallen head over heels for Tello Films. Ok so this kinda started before this year with the Nikki & Nora crowd funding but it’s gotten stronger. This Lesbian run media company who screen their shows online, are making a huge buzz in the web community and they are so completely and utterly dedicated to their audience. Not once do I ever feel out of place within the live tweets or just general tweeting. From Christin Baker (Founder and CEO), Julie Keck (Chief Creative Officer) and Jessica King (Chief Operations Officer), at the top of the company and on down throughout, they are happy to engage with their audience and understand that we as a community need more than what we’re getting from mainstream TV. They get it because they are a part of the community.
  • I’ve changed roles at work. This was a huge step in that it meant I’d constantly be on the phone, all day every day, rather than just answering incoming calls. As an Aspie, I wasn’t sure I could handle it. And yes I’m exhausted socially at the end of the day, but overall, I’m happier at work, I’m enjoying myself more, and my stress levels have dropped.
  • I went home for the first time in a very long time, and made my peace with the place that had both haunted me and pulled me home since I moved up here. I got to say the things to Mum that I hadn’t said, with SJ standing beside me at the crematorium. I made contact with Azlanna again, who in a weird way started the whole journey again thanks to what can only be described as a dream vision. And now I carry a reminder of home on my necklace, one that brings me peace rather than pain.

I could go on a lot further with this. I could also post it on New Year’s Eve. But I plan to spend my holidays writing, sketching, and spending time with those I love. So it goes up now.

No matter whether you celebrate a particular religious holiday at this time of year or not, I wish you a Happy Festive Season, and a Wonderful New Year. May the upcoming year bring happiness and joy to all of you, and may you face the obstacles that come your way with the knowledge that you have the strength and dignity to do so. You are amazing, each and every one of you that read my blog. You each shine in your own ways, don’t let anyone try to dim your light.

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