This song reminds me of my halcyon days of bloodlust now gone. At the time it fit my darling Fairy Godfather Drag Queens to a tee, it still does, but it also seems to have become a representation of my genderqueer orientation.


From the Broadway Musical “Woman Of The Year” (1981)
(John Kander / Fred Ebb)
Lauren Bacall – 1981

I’m one of the girls who’s one of the boys,

Enjoying the jokes and the smokes and the noise.

You wanna go fishing?

Well, hand me a reel.

Majored in poker, so shut up and deal.

I’m one of the gals who’s one of the guys.

Hey, put up your dukes and

I’ll blacken your eyes.

Behind all the Gucci and Pucci and pearls,

I’m one of the boys.

Although I’m one of the girls.

I’m one of the does who’s one of the stags.

I chug-a-lug brews when I lose on the nags.

Forget the Max Factor you find on my face.

For barber shop fours I’m a fabulous bass.

I’m one of the queens who’s one of the drones.

Just had me the dice and I’ll rattle your bones.

In spite of the dress, the finesse and the poise,

I’m one of the girls who’s really one of the boys.

I’m one of the dames who’s one of the knights.

My Friday night treat is a seat for the fights.

I love to go stroke with a Varsity crew.

You wanna play snooker? Well, chalk up your cue.

I’m one of the Janes who’s one of the Joes

Here, hold my cigar while I powder my nose.

I’ve layers of lacquer a lady enjoys,

I’ve earring and bracelets and various toys,

But I love when I’ve slipped into ripped corduroys,

Because I’m one of the girls.

(One of the girls.)

One of the girls.

(One of the girls.)

One of the girls who’s one of the boys.

And here’s my wonderful FG performing it as Legs Up Lucy

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