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So I haven’t updated in a while. And I keep meaning to but I’m so completely and utterly behind in everything. This past week I’ve been getting home and working on my latest project which, quite frankly has taken over my life thanks to support and encouragement from someone I did not expect it from. It both terrifies and excites me and that’s all I’m willing to say on that matter but yes, yes it’s  been an interesting ride. If this latest project does  what I’m hoping then things will start to change even more and that is a scary scary concept but a leap of faith I have to take and want to take (even if JDV has to keep reminding me of this fact on a near daily basis).

Me, Kidlet and Kitty photo

Last weekend I took Kidlet to her first convention in Sheffield. This time last week we were talking with Kitty Swink and agreeing to go to the Star Trek panel and having a blast. Kidlet had already fangirled over Dave Prowse, been spoken to by Dan Starkey in Strax’s voice and was generally a hyper active bundle of awesomeness whom I love so very much. She was so shy speaking to the actors, bless her.  SD and I were trying to make Kidlet’s first con a rousing success and I believe we did just that. Kitty and Virginia Hey included her in the conversations we had with them (and there were several with each of them), our dear friends from Sante Claus / FCD Events made her so very welcome and her eyes popped at all the available merchandise on the stalls. But she was sensible and asked before buying and came away with a few things that made her very very happy.

The only thing I wished hadn’t happened at the convention was the way in which I had to tirelessly explain that no my glasses aren’t sunglasses, they’re Irlen’s tints and taking them off would have caused me more problems than not. There was one person I got severely agitated with and had to walk away because I would have lost it at them. I’m not one for physical violence and I generally try and keep my temper especially in person but I seriously could have lost it at this person. I don’t like being patronised and I really don’t like having someone else’s religious point of view thrust upon me.

3 Cheeky Chimps have been busily planning fundraisers and setting wheels in motions and we’ve still not given up on our write-in campaigns for One Little Pill.

I promise more news as and when I have it.

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