Another year older, another year not so wiser

As birthdays go, today has been a mixed bag. There’s been ups and downs and one surprise which will remain private but which means more to me than I can possibly say. I still have gifts to come (thank you postal service), but it’s been an interesting day and despite the washing machine issues (do not get me started). I’ll be heading to bed happy.

The past year is over and has been a mixed rollercoaster of emotions, including in the last week, the passing of my dearly beloved Beryl. But it’s another year I’ve beaten the doctors’ expectations. They said I would die age 5. 27 years later and I’m still here. Not bad going really.

I just want to use this post to say, Beryl I love you. I have loved you for many years and will always continue to love you. You taught me how to sing like no one was listening, dance like no one was watching and find the good in every day. I’ll remember you each and every birthday and smile as I see you on stage in my mind’s eye. And if Guardian gets published, I’m dedicating it to you, my darling.


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