Conventions, friends, Irlen’s and One Little Pill

This weekend I went to LFCC (London Film and Comic Con). And as is often the case, I was working for RG and TG. I love working for them as they’re warm, caring compassionate people with my sense of humour. I spend the weekend working with TG at the events I work for them and it generally involves tiredness, humour and talking about our health along with other things. It was so good to see them both. The times we don’t see each other can vary between a month (usually if I do LFCC and then Dragon*Con, although I’ve never worked the latter), and 11 months, (doing it the other way round). They are two people who are very dear to my hear. LFCC was, to put it bluntly, chaotic. Stan Lee’s last European convention and what appeared to be every British (and some other European nationalities) Marvel fan descended on the Saturday. This was good for business and we were swamped, but it turned the main event hall (I never saw the comic hall all weekend), into a hot and humid sauna. But there were some amazingly good parts to the weekend which I will summarise here:

  • For my birthday present, RG and TG bought me a Terry Farrell photo op on the Saturday. Terry and I giggled like crazy at something that shall remain between us, but it means the picture (whilst my hair is damp and curling with the humidity of the hall) is one of my favourites, despite the fact I’m showing my teeth. The photographer caught us just as the giggle fit ended. The card in the below photo is the one that they gave me the photo op in.

Card and Terry Farrell signed Photo Op

  • I finally got to meet David Hewlett. I was wearing the t-shirt seen in the above photo and he loved it! He’s such a massive Whovian and it made me giggle. My autograph below has a story but I’ll keep that private I think.

David Hewlett autograph

  • I finally got my Edward James Olmos autograph. I had to choose between him and Mary McDonnell a few years ago. And whilst we were waiting for Mary to arrive at Dragon*Con he asked why I didn’t get his first. I told him that I was sorry but I’d had to choose between him and Mary. He told me if he had to choose he would make the same choice. He remembered me yesterday when I went to get the autograph.

Edward James Olmos autograph

  • Whilst I didn’t get to see Stephanie Leonidas again (I met her at Dragon*Con when JP went to get her autograph), I did get an autograph thanks to CW and PS taking my money and getting it for me and they chose the best picture for me.

Stephanie Leonidas autograph

  • At the Terry Farrell photo op I didn’t get the chance to thank her for the previous year at Dragon*Con where I first got her autograph. She had asked to hug me and managed to stop me from going into Sensory Overload meltdown. So I went back yesterday with the photo op and got her to sign it, thanking her for what she had done at Dragon*Con. She hugged me again and the conversation we had will remain private, but needless to say, I walked away with a whole lot of love in my heart for the woman who brought Jadzia Dax to life.
  • I got to see RS. RS is one of my Alfie’s girls. I hadn’t seen her in nine years. Nine years without seeing someone who is always going to hold a special place in your heart is long. Some of my Alfie’s girls I’ve not seen in 11 years and that still breaks me. But to get those hugs and have that giggle like we always used to, it felt like we’d never been a part. And I also got to meet her husband, PSh, for the first time.
  • EM came and saw us at the table. I love him to death and the only time I really get to see him is at conventions. He’s such a wonderful wonderful man.
  • I got a hug from JG. I haven’t seen him since Chevron 7.8 and that was far too long ago for my liking.
  • MB, SB, and their mum. I remember meeting SB for the first time at AT4, and she’s grown into such a beautiful young woman and MB (her younger sister) has too. They are two very wonderful girls.
  • I saw David Limburg as well, but more on that later.
  • CW, PS and I had an amazing dinner at Zizzis and we stayed up far too late talking on all the nights. Sleep was fleeting.

I had my Irlen’s tinting session today. My glasses should be ready in 4 weeks, and the change the tints make to my vision are amazing. I could see things more clearly, colours weren’t blending into each other, no white background competing with black text, shades in clouds were discernable. It was quite frankly miraculous. And it improved my peripheral vision as well. So excited to get them! As for One Little Pill. The UK write-in campaign is up and details on it can be found here. JDV will be setting up the blog post for the Dutch write-in campaign shortly and more details will follow. I spent time with David Limburg talking about it on Friday (as well as various other conversations over the weekend), and he’s agreed to tweet/retweet what I post. I’m happy to say that I have his support in what I’m doing. Again I ask you to check out the work that the C3Foundation are doing. The link can be found in the footer of my blog. My Reiki healer, Azlanna, emailed to let me know that the metaphysical course she teaches is now starting to go up on her blog free. It will cover things like zen meditation and I urge you to check it out. It’s been a crazy and wonderful few days and quite frankly I’m exhausted. But it’s been worth every sleepless moment. Even though my arthritis hates me today with a vengeance.

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