11 years in the blink of the eye – but my Alfie’s girls are still so very much a part of me

It’s been 11 years since I’ve seen some of the people who have had the most influential stakes in my adult life, 11 years since we said goodbye as we went our separate ways after uni, and yet, I hold them all dear to my heart and will never stop feeling their influence. They helped me during some of my most dark moments, and they carved a space within my very soul. So this post is to honour a small handful of women who I need to tell just how much I value their friendship after all this time.

My Evil Twin –  you taught me how to follow my spiritual side and to allow myself to just be who I am.

The Lady formerly known as Bagpuss (yes I still remember the short platinum blonde and pink hair) – you showed me how to experiment to find my true identity.

Bumblebee – we’ve been through so much, so very very much together, and no matter how far apart we are through distance, our two hearts will forever be entwined with a shared past that has moments others have no idea exist.

My first admitted same sex crush – we don’t talk often but I will never forget that conversation over text during one of the uni hols. Your gentle rebuttal but your continued friendship. You helped me to see that one day I would find the right woman for me.

Cardiff Cack – so many hours spent on a Wednesday afternoon playing pool, trips to your homeland and trips to mine. You’ve always been there through thick and thin… and I apologise for the way I reacted when you turned up on my doorstep to surprise me for my birthday after telling me you couldn’t come.

My lil sis – there are no words to describe how much I love you. Six months separates us in age, but love, love creates an unbreakable bond, even all these miles apart.

Ladies, we don’t always speak as much as I suspect any of us would like, we all lead separate lives now, but you are still the ladies who held me during the unspeakable year, the ones who helped shape me, who comforted me on the longest loneliest nights I could have faced. And I love you all with an intense fiery passion.

Alfie’s girls until we die!

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