Writer’s work in progress rant

So with Guardian sitting with KH for editing and not being able to do any more work on it at the moment, I’m free to indulge in an idea that I’ve been playing around with in my head for a while. But, I’m a fantasy/sci-fi writer. I normally don’t have a problem with the places my characters live/work/go to school/etc. because they come from my mind. But this current work in progress is not one that can be set in an imagined world. It’s bad enough that I’m going against my normal style of writing for this piece, because apparently I want to challenge myself and the idea won’t go away, but finding somewhere to set it is driving me round the proverbial bend, up a wall, over a roof, down the other wall and into a lake. If the piece wasn’t so persistent in needing to be written, I’d put the idea in the folder marked ‘ideas for one day’ and leave it at that.

So I’m sitting here appealing to anyone who reads my random blog posts, in the hopes that I can be rescued from this frustration. I need the place I set this to meet the following criteria:

  • US State with LGBTQ equality when it comes to marriage, adoption, work
  • Area with good to decent schools
  • Family friendly
  • Doesn’t cost the Earth – my main character is an artist
  • Sea/lake area (optional but preferred).

So I am calling out to anyone who will listen. Please leave me a comment with your suggestions. I would be eternally grateful.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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