Writing – or I realised there are things I haven’t posted on here yet.

The first draft of my novel, Guardian is COMPLETE! That’s right, it’s actually finished. It’s currently with my friend for editing. Once I get that edit back, I will rework and then pass it back to her for one final look through before attempting to submit it. This scares the you know what out of me but also makes me so incredibly proud that I’ve gotten this far with it. This also means that I need to start planning the next one in the series.

I’m also working on something else at the moment. Playing with ideas and plot and trying to work out how the hell I’m going to achieve something so different from my normal writing style. As such it’s staying as a secret until I actually work out how to do this. Only a handful of people know what it is and I’m so very scared of doing it, but the challenge is there and I can’t deny it. I’ll blame CM for this one. She threw down the gauntlet (although she doesn’t even know it).  But success could mean involvement in something so very very close to my heart.

There’s also the other project that is currently with ML to illustrate. Once that’s complete I will be making a big announcement on here too.

Life is taking funny turns recently. I’m out of the funk that I was in creatively and spurred on to keep going. This is a good thing and one I’m planning on taking advantage of. If all goes to plan, the changes I’m making in my life are going to be huge.

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