#decaffeiNATed day 14 – the final day without caffeine

This has been an amazing 2 weeks (not in the craving way) but in that it’s taught me more about myself and also more about the people in my life.  It’s made me realise the lengths of self sacrifice I will go to for a cause that is dear to my heart. To be honest I never thought I’d make it this far, and yet I have. And this time I even avoided decaff varieties of drinks because they still contain some caffeine. I’m not going to pretend it’s been easy, but it’s been worth it. So very worth it.  There’s still time to donate, another two hours in fact before this day is officially over, but basically I’ll except donations until I wake tomorrow.

I’m going to take the time to throw out some thank you messages right now.

SD – thank you so much for all your support throughout this, you’ve been amazing and crazy and that goofy girl I love to know is my friend.

ML and JM – without you two this would have been a very very long ride, you’ve kept me going with encouragement and have really made me one very happy nubbin. I love you girls so very much. You’re not even in the same country as me but you’ve provided no end of support.

AH – you’ve reminded me every time I’ve wanted to scream why I’m doing this and you’ve not once mentioned the fact I’ve been a little more grumpy than normal. I love you my Valentine.

Suanne Braun – you’ve retweeted every request, made me feel like I can get through this and made me realise that I could. I owe a lot to you, Mother of all Goa’uld (once Hathor’s loyal Jaffa, always Hathor’s loyal Jaffa).

Alethea Kontis – whose very sweet tweet 5 days ago made me smile wider than I could imagine. It’s amazing how one of your writing heroes can pick you up when you’re missing something you rely on daily.

To each and every person who has donated, no matter how big or small the donation, you’ve kept me smiling. Sanctuary for Kids has benefited from your money, and I’ve benefited from your support.

I’ll be posting the total raised tomorrow morning, probably around 9am.

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