#decaffeiNATed day 12 – the weather is making me crave a mug of hot chocolate

Yesterday I was convinced I was on my last day of going without caffeine. This both made me smile and made me sad. I was happy at the idea of having chocolate and Earl Grey tea and coffee, but I was also saddened I hadn’t reached the goal I had set in place. I shouldn’t have worried though, in the space of an hour last night not only was I pushed onto the full 14 days, but extra money has been raised on top of the target. I’m not going to deny, that extra money made me a little giddy.  And there’s still time to donate.  I’ll be doing the totalling whenever I wake up on Saturday morning.

The winds have picked up in Yorkshire and it’s making me want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate. I know I can’t, because chocolate is a natural source of caffeine, but it’s that sort of weather, and if it’s like this on Saturday, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing on Saturday evening.  I’m also looking forward to the coffee I will be having on Saturday morning before delving in and getting housework done.  I think I’ve earned it.  But there are things I’ve learnt this time which have helped me immensely, And the support that’s been coming through with retweets on twitter, shares on Facebook, donations, encouragement from various sources, has made this time round much more fun and in some ways easier than the last time.

I think that in the past two days, I’ve thrown a curse out once over doing this, and it was at the point where I’d reach for chocolate after dealing with a particularly stressful moment at work. But that cursing fell away. This week is going by quickly and on Friday I’ll be in York with EB and her mum and I’m looking forward to a day trip out of the Leeds/Bradford area. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of architecture and even EB and her mum. We’re going round Jorvik Viking Museum too. Somehow a day away from routine makes going without caffeine that bit easier.

As I said earlier, please please please, continue to donate. All funds are going directly to Sanctuary for Kids, and it would be amazing if this fundraiser could seriously exceed the target amount.

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