#decaffeiNATed day 11 – the last day?

This time last week, if you’d have told me I could finish this tomorrow, go back on the chocolate and caffeine, I would have been beyond thrilled. This week, however, whilst I’m so very happy with the money that has been raised thus far, I’m a little sad to think that I may not last the full two weeks.  The extra days were always contingent on having the donations for them and it looks like there just isn’t enough to push me that extra three days that are left.  Part of me is screaming “Shut up you can have a cup of tea in the morning” but the other part wishes those funds were to push me to the end of Friday.

It’s a weird mix of emotions and so far this time has been an absolute ride. There’s been the quiet, private cursing of a certain brunette who has always given me more inspiration than I care to mention in just one blog post. There’s been the not-so-quiet cursing of myself for embarking on this adventure. There’s also been the realisation that lowering my caffeine intake and boosting my vitamin B12 reduces my endometriosis symptoms (not completely but enough to make a difference).  There’s been the moments of seriously severe cravings on a physiological level, then there’s been the psychological warfare of “I can’t make it without a chocolate bar/caffeinated beverage” when I’ve been stressed out. But I’ve made it through all of that. And now I’m sitting here, on the evening of the eleventh day wishing that someone else, or a bunch of someone elses, would boost me up that final $135 CAD that would push me to fourteen days without caffeine.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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