So long and thanks for all the fish – #NikkiAndNora season finale aired today

Once upon a time there was an unaired pilot that made it to the internet and lesbians went crazy for the show that never was. We despaired that it was never taken up.  It took a decade of fanfic and fanvids before, on the horizon we were given hope by the creator, Nancylee Myatt, the two lead actresses, Christina Cox and Liz Vassey and the wonderful Christin Tello and her TV website Tello Films in the form of a crowd funding campaign.

That campaign led to Nikki & Nora airing on Tello. We’ve had seven webisodes, totalling the length of a single television episode, made on a much smaller budget, but it’s been worth every second of it.  We’ve had our two favourite leading ladies showing us that after all this time, the chemistry is still there. We’ve had the excellent scripts, the familiar backdrop of New Orleans, a few familiar faces joining the cast and epic live tweets every Sunday with the team.  We’ve also learnt just how multi-talented Liz Vassey is, hearing her sing in the season finale was amazing. She has one heck of a voice on top of incredible acting talent.  And Christina shot the show whilst pregnant. Considering the amount of physicality her part has, I’m astounded.

This post, is a bit of waffling, but it’s my way of saying the following:

I have always been proud to be a part of a fandom for a show that never was. I’m even prouder to be part of the fandom and community that Nikki & Nora has created since the crowd funding campaign started.  And I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of our wonderful ladies, and more of Nancylee’s creation.

Today is a sad day because it was the finale, but it’s also a very happy day, looking at what has been achieved, so I’m raising my glass of (hard) cider and saluting the wonderful team effort that has made all of this possible.

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