#decaffeiNATed day 9 – “Easy like Sunday morning”

So it’s official, I have been pushed to 11 days without caffeine and I’m looking forward to the challenge.  I’m not cursing like a trooper any more, and I’ve learnt to deal with the ginseng tea of a morning, even if I still don’t like the taste.  But I’ll happily continue this as long as I can.  It’s for a good cause. I’m still missing the chocolate but more on a psychological level than anything else. And I’ll be happy when I can have a cup of Earl Grey and a chocolate biscuit, but until then, it’s going well. The dependency has left the building, I think.

I think it’s also helped that it’s Sunday, so I’ve spent my day indulging in my favourite non Sci Fi TV shows (yes I know shock horror I do actually have them), and eating stodgy foods like pancakes and sausages (not together).

There’s still time to donate if you want to push me to those 14 days. Come on, it’s for Sanctuary for Kids!


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