#decaffeiNATed day 5 – the day of endless exhaustion

Getting up this morning was pure hellish torture and to be honest the whole day has felt the same. Nothing seems to want me to stay awake. My eyes are itchy through tiredness. I’m not sure why it’s taken until day 5 to get me this way but it’s happened. I’ve struggled so hard to get through today and each time I’ve found myself falling asleep I’ve wanted to reach for the caffeine. But I haven’t. 

I received a donation this morning that put me at ten days, which currently means I’m halfway through but due to plotting from various camps, I don’t think that will last long. I’m both thrilled and sad at that prospect. I’m still wanting a cup of Earl Grey and chocolate. But at the same time the more money goes to Sanctuary for Kids the better.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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