#decaffeiNATed Day 4 – a day of hope and cravings

Yesterday evening, thanks to a very generous donor, I got the news that not only will I do be doing the initial 7 days of #decaffeiNATed but I will in fact being doing 9 days at the moment. This in itself has bolstered my resolve, even when staring down my favourite chocolate in the supermarket this morning or the two litre bottle of a cola drink on my colleague’s desk today.  Heck even the crappy energy drink on another colleague’s desk was tempting at one point today. But I have been good, I have stayed strong and it’s not just because of the donations and the fact I believe in Sanctuary for Kids and their mission.  It comes down to one wonderful tweet from Amanda Tapping and a group of friends (three in particular) and my beautiful AH who are keeping me going through all of this.

The tweet:



The friends:

JM – @Jess_Marissa on twitter
SD – @roseverafter on twitter
ML – @SanctuaryAngel on twitter

Thanks to these girls, last night and this morning were made so much better.  We also can’t forget my husband, GC, my Squishy, JS and the wonderful DP who has been more of a support than he realises.

Today has been difficult, but it has not been the worst of the #decaffeiNATed days. And so here’s to the next 5, hopefully the next 10 without caffeine. After all it’s all for an amazing cause.

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