#decaffeiNATed headaches and cravings – day 2

The headache from yesterday still hasn’t dissipated completely. The cravings are possibly worse today. Especially for the chocolate and a cup of Earl Grey. But I’m staying strong, because this is to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids and that to me is a good reason to sacrifice the one thing that usually gets me through the day.

I woke up to another donation this morning and it’s that thought that made me reach for the Ginseng tea this morning. It’s not the best tasting tea but if it gives me the kick I need then so be it. The second day was the hardest last time as well, I seem to remember.  So hopefully I’m over the worst of the withdrawals, but we will see. If the donations push  me into the second week, I may be singing a different tune.  You can find out how to donate on the main decaffeiNATed page.

On another note, one I couldn’t leave unmentioned, I read the shocking news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing today. From most reports it appears to be an overdose. We all have our addictions, some more dangerous than others. I send love to his friends and family and hope that wherever he is now he has found the peace that he couldn’t find in life.  The legacy of his acting will long outlive the circumstances of his death, I just hope that the media are kind to him.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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