decaffeiNATed the return of nocaffnat – Day 1

Today hasn’t been too bad on the scales of caffeine withdrawals. I have to admit it’s not been easy but today has been more about ignoring temptation than anything else.

  • I had ginseng tea (no caffeine) with breakfast. It has a good kick but I have to admit I missed the taste of my Earl Grey.
  • I have avoided the chocolate in the house and stopped myself from purchasing some when I went out to pick up essential supplies (fruit) earlier.
  • When doing my online grocery shop I didn’t add the usual cola drinks to the shopping basket. Which a) felt weird but b) I think I actually saved some money.
  • Although the headache is a little annoying.

Donations are starting to come in and I’m hoping that (even though by that time I’ll be gagging for a hot chocolate) I get pushed to do the full two weeks.

Support from friends and others has been amazing in regards to getting the word out there. I’d love to see this raise at least double what’s already in the pot, if not more.

If you want to donate then just click on this link to find out how.

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