I’ve fallen in love with a site that shows lesbian shows

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that last year I took part in the crowd funding for Nikki and Nora. I may have been bouncing off my seat at the prospect of watching my two favourite ladies back on the screen and I couldn’t have cared less if it was a web series or on my television, as long as I got to watch Liz Vassey and Christina Cox back in their roles.  But in taking part in the crowd funding I never expected something else to come from it.  Something that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

You see, Nikki and Nora is airing on Tello Films. It’s a site which is all lesbian content, all the time. Some things are free, others, like Nikki and Nora, are not. But it’s worth it. It’s worth the price to get the content. And it’s been an amazing ride. All the shows on there are made with the audience in mind. Cowgirl Up is one of my favourites.  I’d never even heard of it before the crowd funding and now I’m addicted to it.  These people know their stuff. Taken directly from their site, this is how they describe what they do:

In a nutshell

Basically tello films produces and distributes innovative, high-quality web-series with a lesbian focus.

Why lesbian stories?

Because, frankly, there just aren’t enough of them. Sure, sometimes lesbians are thrown in as side characters or show up on ‘very special episodes’ of your favorite shows, but lesbians and lesbian-specific issues are rarely at the center of mainstream television shows, movies, and web series. We are tired of seeing ourselves as side characters who might kiss or brush fingertips during sweeps week. We’re equally tired of being portrayed as drunken, overdramatic louts with fake jobs and bad haircuts. While tello isn’t ready to take over Hollywood (yet), we are ready to create great new web content that is intelligent but fun, timely but classic, and tasteful yet sexy, a whirlwind of classic ideas from a lesbian perspective, brave and challenging content with a lesbian twist.

And you know what? They stay true to that mission. This wonderful group of people have given us what mainstream TV gives us in the occasional show or the occasional epsiode. Now that’s not to say there isn’t good lesbian content on our TVs right now. I can think of two shows that are doing an outstanding job, but they’re a rarity.  I wish I’d had Tello growing up.  In most cases we find ourselves struggling with subtext and praying that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get that pairing we’re shipping in vain.  But Tello literally give us no doubt that the ships are there and they’re sailing them proudly.

Then you add in the fact that the live tweets for their shows are something we all can get into.  There’s real engagement with the audience from all involved in the show.  They’re funny and witty and they appreciate their audience (not to mention with Nikki and Nora it’s a live tweet you can join in from anywhere in the world because we all get the new episodes at the same time).

So yes, I heard of Tello because of a love for a pilot that never got aired, but I’m staying for the content, the good people and the fact that I’ve never felt so understood by TV producers before.

(Disclaimer: At the time of writing this, Tello have no idea I’m doing it. I’m just hugely excited and a big fan of their work)

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