The Return of Nikki & Nora

Once upon a time there was a pilot created by Nancylee Myatt revolving around a lesbian crime fighting couple, played by Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, that sadly was never picked up by the network. It was at a time where, because of the political climate, television in the US was not ready for a mainstream show that depicted the realities of lesbian love. Someone, somehow, leaked the pilot, and the show that never was, found an exceptionally passionate and determined fanbase. Fanfiction was written, the unaired pilot was watched on YouTube and downloads were found and watched repeatedly. The fanbase never gave up hope that one day Nikki & Nora would return and finally be given the chance to shine like it should have been.

Earlier this year hearts, rejoiced as we discovered that there was an indiegogo campaign to get Nikki & Nora back onto our screens, albeit our computer screens as a web series.  Well the fanbase jumped at the chance to see our ladies again, especially as Christina and Liz would be returning to us in those title roles.  We donated, we campaigned. Some of us, myself included, tweeted to the point where our families donated just to shut us up.  Tello Films became a name revered by those of us who already revered Nancylee and the original cast of Nikki & Nora. Then the news came the money had been raised. Celebrations rang out across social media and the excitement tripled in minutes. You could have cut the tension that waiting created with a knife.

When it was announced that today would be the air date for the first new webisode, countdowns began and conversation turned to guessing just what exactly we’d see our leading ladies doing. The teaser aired and we all watched with excitement and that wonderful feeling of familiarity inspired by seeing much loved characters in front of us.  The enthusiasm for this little show that was never given the chance to show it could has never died down.  And this past week social media timelines have been buzzing with the anticipation.

With every re-awakening of a show there comes a hesitant moment of “Will it be as good as I remember?” I can unequivocally say that this re-awakening has already proven that it’s just as brilliant, if not better than the original. I sat down with AH at 7pm GMT tonight and watched that first 11 minute webisode without one shred of disappointment. There was that familiar chemistry between Nikki and Nora, there was that wonderful New Orleans backdrop, those wonderful lines that made us want to quote them for days were there in abundance. The costuming and music is perfect. The need to rewatch several times has already proven itself.   This is one lesbian show that will always remain dear to our hearts.

 So, in the words of Nikki, “Come along, little Cheech,” get your Tello Subscription and join the rest of us in welcoming back the two sexiest detectives ever to grace our screens.

(no I’ve not been paid to do this post, I’m just exceptionally happy right now)

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