75 days until decaffeiNATED – Today I looked at my caffeine intake

There were a few things I realised today.

  1. I can’t back out on this. It’s up on the Sanctuary for Kids community page.
  2. My caffeine intake is currently between 300mg and 450mg of caffeine a day.
  3. The upper moderate intake for adults is 300mg.
  4. Unsurprisingly I’m back to the stage I was before I gave up for the first nocaffnat event.

So in 74 days I’ll be locking away the caffeinated beverages and chocolate and preparing to once again give up caffeine for this amazing cause. Despite the fact it’ll mean I’m giving it up for longer than last time, I’m hoping that I raise the $550 that would mean I’m giving it up for two weeks.  Because Sanctuary for Kids is a cause I’m fully devoted to.

On that note, go check out their current Bricks and Blocks campaign.

And if and when you feel the urge, please start the donations coming in for decaffeiNATed

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