My Response to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda video

The text from the video is in italics below, my response is in normal text:

They don’t tell you that gay people die 20-30 years before normal people.

Firstly, Jack Drescher, a member of the World Health Organisation’s Working Group on the Classification of Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health has stated: “There are no reputable scientific studies that show gay men, in general, die earlier than heterosexual men. Unfortunately, there are individuals known to oppose gay civil rights who create their own ‘data’ and reach questionable conclusions about gay men’s lifespans.” (Quote taken from this article:

Secondly, what exactly do you mean by ‘normal people’? Would I be normal if I was disabled but straight? Please clarify this statement.

They actively spread propaganda to promote their way of life, recruiting naive young teenagers to be gay.

Let me get this right, I’m not actually gay, because I’ve been enlisted into the gay community? The feelings I remember having as young as 3 years of age come from being recruited, is that what you’re saying? I was born in the 80s.  Let me remind you that during the 80s was when AIDS was just coming into the spotlight, Thatcher and her cronies had Section 28 in place and gay people were pretty much hiding under the radar during my most formative years.  Another one of your theories debunked.

They don’t tell you about the loneliness of old gay people. No one needs an old gay person.

My answer to this is this article.

They talk about freedom but they deprive our children of the freedom of choice, making perversion equal the norm

As a teenager I was forced to sit through hours and hours of heterosexual sex ed at school. I was constantly bombarded with television shows and literature that gave me no alternatively to one man and one woman.  Church taught me from an early age that the only choice I had was to be straight to get into Heaven. I had to hide my true self away.  I had no freedom of choice.  And you’re depriving the homosexuals in your country of freedom of choice.

Love is not perverted, what’s perverted is the way in which you’re treating people because you’re scared of difference.

Toleration, freedom – how we were taught these words, but where are boundaries of freedom?

Oh dear, does it upset you, you straight, cis-gendered group of people that you’re actually being asked to think of people who don’t have the privileges you take for granted? (Please note that I don’t have a problem with straight or cis-gendered people as a rule but I do have a problem with the ones who claim we are trying to wipe them out of existence and treat them as second class citizens as they treat us).

We are told that parents can be a same-sex couple; if people prefer to make love with people of the same sex, why shouldn’t they be allowed to raise children, they are people after all and children do not care.

Left on it’s own this is a pretty good sentence and if it was out of context I would agree. But… you follow it up with some of the worst fake stats on record.

But what do the specialists say? Mark Regnerus Professor at Texas University, began his study in 2010. His findings were that one fourth of children being raised by same-sex parents showed a tendency towards suicide and had contracted venereal diseases and sixty percent of children struggle with their sexual identity.  Moreover, one in three children being raised by same-sex couples were needed by their adopted parents for sex. So this is why, gays especially, are happy for children to be adopted by gays. They need need children to satisfy their sexual desire.

(please note I’m not putting in the full stats they give here as they are not supported)

Oh boy, where do I start with this one?  Mark Regenerus has had his study debunked.

The American Sexual Health Association points out that more than half of all people have contracted an STI at some point in their life.

Can I please have the study you get your paedophilia stats from as I from all my reading, paedophiles are mainly straight when it comes to adult sexual activity, and the paedophilia in it’s own right according to some mental health experts is a form of sexuality separate from heterosexuality/homosexuality.

According to Dr. Vernon Quinsey: Pedophilia is a clinical diagnostic term referring to people who actually prefer prepubescent children to adults for sexual partners. Not all guys who commit offenses against children are pedophiles. For instance, you could have a man who sleeps with a young teenager who tells him she’s 21, and that would not be pedophilia. Pedophiles prefer children who do not have an adult body shape.

This would make paedophilia separate from homosexuality.

To be honest I had to stop here, I’ve still not made it through the video and it’s because it’s an awful load of claptrap that is reminiscent of Hitler’s rise to power. Putin and his government need stopping before this escalates further and should have been stopped a long time ago.

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