My Riddick Rant

Yes I know I have to finish the DragonCon posts and I will but first this. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to be spoiled stop reading now.

The Riddick films have always brought me immense pleasure in watching so finding out Katee Sackhoff was to play Dahl made me so happy I was bouncing.

Cut to watching the film with AH on our movie date on my last day in a Alabama. I was more than happy to find out that, from Dahl’s own lips she doesn’t “f*ck men”. So yay! Katee Sackhoff playing a lesbian!  And a kick-ass one at that.

Roll forward to Riddick stating he will be “balls deep” in Dahl by the end of this adventure. This is when I started to squirm but choose to think he would be wrong. Nothing about her character has suggested he is right.

Roll onto Riddick’s rescue where she does a complete 180 and it is implied she will in fact have sec with him. Whilst we didn’t see it,  the implication is there and clear.

It drives me round the twist that a lesbian character is shown to have completely changed personality and sexuality all because of one man in all of a few hours. It’s highly unrealistic. That’s not to say that some lesbians don’t fall for a man. But the change in personality that went with it made it a “Riddick had to get the girl” moment and was frankly insulting.

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