Equality and why some people need a better education

Today in the news, for those who have been interested, there has been this gem about an audio clip floating around of a Mexican Congresswoman, Anna Maria Jiménez Ortiz who has stated some pretty hideous opinions about the LGBT community. To be frank, having listened to the discussion taking place, between her and the gentleman she is talking to, I would like to sit them down and give them a few home truths.

Ms. Ortiz has stated that “marriage should only be considered in those relationships in which the members have sex while facing each other.” clearly she has never experienced a Lesbian relationship, and from information given to me by Gay friends, it’s perfectly possible for them to have sex whilst facing each other. Although I declined to know exactly how it’s done (I don’t want to hear about the sex lives of those I hold near and dear).  She added to clarify this, that marriage should only be between “who can look at each other in the eye whilst having sexual intercourse.”  I know straight people that prefer not to do this and I am sure I’m not the only one who has heard straight people talk about doggy style as their position of choice.

She clearly has no concept of what sex is outside of her own little box. The gentleman (and I use that term lightly) believes that equal marriage will lead to the same old things, incest, bestiality and paedophilia being legalised.

Dear Ms Ortiz and your colleague,

Here is what equal marriage will bring about:

  • A boost to the economy as more people are able to plan their weddings and commit to their partners.
  • People being able to legally have their partnership recognised by government and the same benefits as heterosexual couples can currently have.
  • Happiness for those who want that legal recognition.

You may not believe that we are born this way, but by that token, can you tell me if you were born heterosexual?  Your closed minded arrogance is overwhelming.



The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 is creeping ever closer. It’s with a small smile that I note that the UN have urged Putin to repeal the Homosexual Propaganda laws.  But that smile stays small. Because the IOC are still happy for the games to happen there and will stop people competing if they dare to make a stand whilst there.

Personally, I think that stopping the games from happening in Russia is a double edge sword.  It would show that the IOC doesn’t support Russia’s laws but it would also pass on a message that we are ignoring Russia’s LGBTQ community.  Allowing the athletes to show their support for the community over what is not a matter of ‘politics’ but human rights would be a good way to go with this.

That doesn’t mean I’m not boycotting the sponsors. Sponsors like Coca-Cola and McDonalds who claim to be Queer friendly but who are still going ahead with the sponsorship of an event filled with such controversy.  They are showing that all that counts to them right now is the money.  And that is disheartening to say the least.  Why boycott the sponsors? Because ultimately if they pulled out of sponsoring the Games, then the IOC would have to look at its position, would have to think about what it’s doing and would have to listen to the people telling them that they are on the wrong side of this issue.

Equality isn’t about politics, and is supposed to be something the IOC defends, yet all we are hearing from them right now is excuse after excuse after excuse.  It’s time for them to listen to the people and understand that these games are for many, a reminder of times in the past where they stood by and terrible things happened.  And I speak as one of the grandchildren of the islanders whose islands were occupied during WWII when I say that.


To the LGBTQ residents of Russia, I hope and pray that the UN will make a difference in this awful situation you find yourselves in.  I send you love and light and promise you that we outside of Russia will not stay silent.  We will continue to speak up against the inhumane treatment you are receiving.  It wasn’t that long ago here, in the UK that Section 28 was in place throughout our schools.  We will march beside you with PRIDE.

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