Random thoughts, bubbling round

This post is going to be a rambling concoction of the thoughts in my brain. I make no apologies for that fact.

Firstly, I don’t agree with the hate being bandied around in the Once Fandom right now.  I don’t believe that a violent reaction will solve anything. Here’s what I’d like to say on this score:

  • Personally I think the SwanQueen shippers have the right to be accepted by the creators and not be classed as delusional because of subtext that is present. (regardless of whether or not the ship is canon)
  • SwanQueen shippers it is not okay to attack people because our ship won’t happen.  Insulting family members of cast/crew/creators is not the right way to go with this.
  • Once Creators and cast it is not okay to make a large portion of your fandom feel alientated by your attitudes, there are better ways to handle this than call us delusional.
  • Non-SwanQueen shippers, it is not cool to tar the SwanQueen shippers with a brush of disgust.  Not everyone is reacting in a more than disappointed way.
  • I pray that the LGBTQ characters Adam has said will happen are in it for more than one episode and are respectfully portrayed.
  • I am not wanting to get in a fight with anyone over my views so please, if you have a bitchy comment don’t post it, don’t aim it at me, just let it go.  Any nasty comments on this subject will be deleted from my blog and if you’re on any of my social networks you will be blocked. We are all human beings and should be able to enter into discourse without the need for rudeness.

Secondly, I’m done with the broken promises. I’m done with expecting anything other than disappointment from certain people and as such I’m going to devote a lot more time to building up my own happiness.  I am done with putting certain people on pedestals.  The reality is that no one is a better person than another and we are all fallible.

Thirdly, I’m daringly optimistic about the future over the next year or so.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say, in one area, things are certainly looking hopeful.

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