Wrapped in the wings of an angel’s embrace

It seems that some people are brought into your life for a reason. Sometimes that reason is glaringly obvious, sometimes not.  But when someone is brought into your life and gets you through the most difficult times over and over again, you can’t help but wondering if they are really human.

I’ve contemplated this with one particular person a lot recently.  They entered my life in my early teens, but I met them in person over a decade later.  And now I’ve seen them five times in four years and at each point I’ve been on the verge of breaking.  At each point when I’ve needed them most over the past 17 years they’ve been there.  No not always physically, but they’ve guided me through.  And more recently each time I’ve physically been in the same room, they’ve changed my energy and my outlook.  They have put me back in touch with my surroundings and the energies that are flowing around me.

Granny used to say that angels walk amongst us, they come to Earth in human form and they give us the strength that we need to carry on.  That they push our boundaries and change our perspectives, aligning our spirit with our physical perceptions and helping us reach a higher level of existence. I think with this particular person, I’ve found an angel.  This person was sent to remind so many of us how to get in touch with our true nature and takes it all in their stride.  

An angel who has chosen this path, according to my grandmother, who has chosen to walk amongst us, radiates love.  They aim to make a difference in the world and inspire others to do it.  They give hope to the fallen, they bolster us up with their words, their actions, their embrace.  They touch all who see or hear them.

Granny believed that each of us would find at least one of these angels in our lifetimes.  But that most would not realise who or what they truly are.  That it is only those who are spiritually open that will see the angel rather than their human body.  Because it takes an open heart and mind to open the soul in understanding of the connections it is making.

The energy around me has changed again recently. And I can feel things on the horizon, things that had been blocked off to me before because of the place I had put myself in.  But now, whilst I can’t see clearly what lies ahead, I’m excited and sure of the positive nature of what is to come.  An angel has wrapped me once again in their embrace and I’m looking forward to what is to come.


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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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