I can’t pinpoint the moment I fell in love with music

But I can pinpoint the moments where some of my favourite artists entered my life and certain songs can bring me back to certain parts of my life.  I guess it’s the same for a lot of people.  I just sat here listening to a two track CD that I have had since the American Labor Day (yes I had to spell it that way, no the Brit in me isn’t happy) weekend last year but hadn’t yet listened to because I was saving it for when I was ready.  The CD is by Amber Benson, and her voice always sends shivers down my spine. It has since I first heard her sing in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Once More With Feeling.  I love the way her voice has the ability to pick me up and drop me down.  The way I find myself challenged to sing those songs and sing better than I normally do.

Anthony Stewart Head’s voice as well is another one that I could sit and listen to for hours.  The tone and quality of it makes my mind travel to another world. One where I see the notes and feel the colours.  Another voice I first heard on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and another one that makes my spine tingle.  His album, Music for Elevators is probably one of the most played albums in my iTunes collection.  And I have to say if I heard it playing in a lift, I’d probably be the one at the back of the lift singing along.  It’s powerful and beautiful.

My music tastes are rather eclectic.  They vary from Quirky to Pop to R&B to Jazz to Musical, to anything and everything with the exception of Opera and Trance.  But for every song I like, there’s a memory attached. For every album I own a series of memories comes cascading through.  I can’t listen to The Drugs Don’t Work without vividly recalling the GCSE drama piece we did using the song.  I can’t listen to the album, Blue is the Colour by The Beautiful South without picturing the angst of my teen years.  Shania Twain’s  Come on over reminds me of my hedonist uni days.

Music is a powerful thing that can trigger memories and heal the heart, especially when listened to at the right time.  And today, I’ve added two new songs that to that list, that will always remind me of Amber Benson wearing a red dress with black spots (that I refer to fondly as the lady bug dress), and giving me a hug as I thanked her for being one of the reasons I’m out and proud and not afraid to be me.

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