Questions from an 8 year old for the creators of Once Upon a Time

The pleasure of being my age is that a lot of my friends have children. I know a number of children of different ages and their take on the world reminds me to take stock occasionally and look at things differently.  Today my friend’s 8 year old who sees the world differently from her friends, phoned me after work to ask me a series of questions about Once Upon a Time and to inform me how much she loves Regina. 

Here are her questions, in no particular order. They came streaming out in a form of thought that only a child her age possesses.

  1. Why won’t they let Regina try and be good? She says she’s going to try and then people try and stop her.
  2. Why don’t they see that Regina’s mummy is the evil one? It’s her fault Regina was naughty.
  3. Why are all the Princesses the same age? Why aren’t some of them older? It’s not realistic.
  4. Why aren’t there any princesses married to princesses or princes married to princes? They should have people like you and AH on the show.
  5. Why aren’t there any girls who like to dress as boys and boys who like to dress as girls? (8 years old and wonders about LGBTQ characters)
  6. Why are most of the people white? I mean Mulan isn’t and neither is Sidney, but we don’t see Sidney any more? (she’s also white but sees the unfairness here)
  7. Why do they say ‘What the naughty word?’ so much???? They won’t go to heaven if they keep saying naughty words. (if you wonder what she means, check this ‘What the hell?‘ vid on Youtube.)
  8. Why did that nasty man use the electricity on Regina? That was horrible.
  9. Why does Belle have to dress that way now she’s Lacey? It’s not a nice way to dress or behave.

So, Once creators, I challenge you to answer the questions she’s posed.  Why? Because it’s a family show and these have come from an 8 year old child who loves your show but has trouble getting her head around it.

Also, she thinks that ‘Lana Parrilla is the prettiest one. She’s so pretty.’ and that everybody is ‘mean to Regina’. My friend has a Baby Evil Regal on her hands who chooses to question what she doesn’t understand.

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