Nikki & Nora still need our help


So the Nikki & Nora Files campaign is still going and could still use your help.  They are slowly creeping up to the $20,000 mark and have 22 days to get to the $50,000 mark.  Why am I so adamant to push this one?  Because there is a severe lack of LGBTQ main characters in the media.  Because I want to be able to say to my friends, and eventually, if and when I have them, my children, that I was a part of something positive when it comes to the media.

Every show I currently watch has a severe lack of LGBTQ characters who are plausible.  Yes you could tell me to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but I have had issues with that show ever since they got rid of Hahn and I’m not changing that perspective any time soon.

But Nikki & Nora give me hope.  Not only because the plot of the pilot was good and the relationship between Nikki and Nora was believable but because the actors who play those roles believe in giving us the best that they can give when it comes to representing the Queer community.  I had this conversation with Liz Vassey recently:


It sums up my feelings on the subject and I hope against hope that they get the funding for this and that what happened to Sanctuary happens to Nikki and Nora and they get picked up by a network.  It may be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping it’s not.  We need more awesome actors who are willing to portray same sex relationships in the same light as opposite sex relationships and who are willing to stand up for those of us who are marginalised because of who we love.  And yes I am aware people may think I’m turning into a broken record with this but I will keep reminding people they can help bring this show back in the form of a web series until the $50,000 is raised.

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