International Women’s Day and thoughts on tolerance

Today is a day that always leaves me with a little confusion. After all I am neither male or female and am I am left supposing that today includes me based on my genitalia.  But that can’t be right. Trans* women are women regardless of their genitalia. I am sure of this fact. So once again I am stuck in limbo regarding my own place in the world. But as I tweeted earlier,  everyone should remember every woman has a right to claim today as theirs.

On that note and the idea of tolerance I would also like to advise people to think before they judge. Not every person who has a particular race, gender, religion, sexuality, identity is the same as every other person who identifies that way. This should not be a culture of them and us but one of all of us. Each section of society has its bad apples and the chances are people see you stereotypically too. Let’s change the mould.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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