A fairly good Monday

Yes I know, that sounds like an oxymoron, good and Monday in the same sentence, but it’s true.  Before I start reeling off what happened to make today a good day, I will start with a preface explaining how close I live to the train station I catch my morning train from.  And also make note of the fact I don’t use my stick to get to work because the walk is a twenty minute walk from the train station at the other end.

As across most of Britain, it hasn’t stopped raining all day today.  Our little area of the North of England has had constant rain, making it difficult for anyone with mobility difficulties to walk anywhere without falling over.  I gritted my teeth as I walked across the small back lane that takes me to platform one of the train station.  That’s literally how far it is.  I turn out of my apartment block’s front door and walk across a road.  Now to get to platform three, I have to go up and over one of the bridges and across the car park.  I rarely use the lift because train station lifts break down a lot.  It takes me ten minutes in weather like today to make it up one side, because if I slip, even if it’s three stairs, it can take me a long time to get back up.  This morning I was just about to start the stair walk when one of the regular station staff who knows me fairly well, has seen me with and without my stick stops me.

“The lifts are both working, they’ve just been serviced, you might be better off going that way.”  He smiles, standing there in a weatherproof jacket looking like he could use a good cup of tea.

“Oh thanks, Jay.” I smile at him and move onto the platform to get the lift.  Potential embarrassment of falling averted, I smile to myself.  It’s Monday, that’s as good as it’s going to get, right?

Get to work, not as soaked through as I could be and thankful for the winter coat that M bought me last winter.  I’m warm and apart from my jeans being a little damp and the cuffs of my coat having dripped water onto my sweater I’m good and I’ll soon dry out, even if the office needs the heating turned back on.  We were cold today until about lunchtime.

Next bit of good news, discussing the need for a place to crash in London for EMS a week on Friday,  (I got the email this morning from my friend confirming she wants me to work on her stall for her), I found a hostel, not too far away from Kings Cross and not that much of a hassle by tube for just over £50 in total for the two nights. I’m seriously happy with that find, and I’ll only be sleeping there and it comes with free breakfast.  So that’s now booked.  Just waiting for the train fare to be sent to me via PayPal.

At lunch time a colleague went out to get lunch from Morrisons, came back with dessert for the helpdesk in the form of a chocolate ganache that was sinfully delicious and a large triple chocolate cake for the entire office.  This colleague is awesome in most respects, but today, yes he is my favourite.

One client rang up asking to speak to said colleague, but I discovered I could help her.  Once I was done talking to her, she called me extremely helpful and a bright star in an otherwise cloudy sky.  So yes, I made a client happy and she in turn made me happy.

Today also sped by, which never happens with a Monday, especially one with hardly any calls or emails through to the helpdesk.  I’m now home, ready to pull up a much neglected fanfic I’ve been working on and debating exactly what I want for my dinner.

I’m a little sleepy and my legs are not in the best of shape tonight, but it’s been a good one.

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