September brings Autumn

My Summer holiday is officially over. I am back in the real world and today was back at work.  Coming home from 2 weeks in the hot climes of Alabama and Georgia back to British weather is always a bit of a downer, but today, even with the showers, I can say for certain I love British weather.  We haven’t really had a summer this year, but even though that is the case, Autumn is in the air.  That feeling I used to get when I went back to school after the summer off is back.  There is a slight chill in the air and I noticed a couple of the leaves on the trees on my walk to and from the train station were starting to turn.  I love Autumn.  It is perfect.  The chill that takes the heat off, the way the leaves turn.  Autumn is my favourite season.  It brings a closing to the old year and a starting of the new, particularly in Pagan traditions.

It’s the closing of the old year that has me intrigued today.  Things have been going a little crazy for me recently.  Friendships have reached points where in the coming months they will either be salvaged or broken for good, one of my colleagues is leaving our office the day after my first year is complete, I’ve been offered some part time as and when needed work that excites me beyond belief, and soon, hopefully, my fiancee will be leaving the States and coming here to join me in the UK.  I’m at a point of sadness and of peace, of contemplation and of hope.   It’s an odd mixture but it’s a good place to be.

I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but what I can see of it is looking like it will happen the way it is meant to. And that is something that I am beginning to look forward to.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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